ED: causes, consequences and best otc ED pills

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain normal erection, which is a serious disease ruining lives of thousands of men all over the world. ED can develop due to many different reasons: smoking, stress, psychical issues, surgery, complications of other diseases, side effects of various drugs, and even aging. Once a man faces the problem, his self-confidence drops dramatically, and quality of life is decreased. While statistics say that over 5% of men suffer from ED in their 40’s, and over 20% of men are impotent after 60 years old, there is no reason for a healthy man to lose his ability to get erection when sexually aroused. There is a solution – best otc ED pills that are induced by certain causes, which we are to discuss further on.

Solution for ED: otc pills for ED

Chance for recovery of normal erectile function in men is highly dependent on the cause of the problem. If erectile problem has occurred due to surgery, it’s not likely that any psychotherapy or pharmaceutics can get it back to normal. However, while most of the cases of erectile dysfunction is connected with stress, cardiovascular problems and smoking (which is common nowadays), there is an effective solution. Scientists have discovered a class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors (sildenafil / tadalafil), and the best otc ED pills that are based on these substances, are sold without prescription. Such otc pills for ED are symptomatic, though. Nevertheless, while they can give you an erection when it’s needed and as long as it’s needed. It is highly recommended to quit smoking and exercise to get the blood pressure back to normal for all men who have ED because of it.

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