How to maximize the effect of Viagra

In order to achieve maximum effect when taking Viagra (or sildenafil generic based), you must adhere to the following recommendations:

do not eat fat food before taking otc pills for ED medication (better to take Viagra on an empty stomach);

also it is advisable not to drink alcohol before taking Sildenafil and sexual intercourse;
However these are only basic advice, there is also another proved method, which may help men to fasten erection and prolong it for even more time.

A significant increase in sildenafil exposure (and increase in erection, of course) can be achieved in the case if you buy cheap Viagra and take it with testosterone (here is recommended Andriol medication, as the most effective and safest).
Note that the joint reception of “best otc ed pills” and Andriol (testosterone) is not harmful to the body, and compare with the reception of only VGR.
Of particular note, a combination of Viagra and testosterone (in the form of Andriol) can help those men with erectile dysfunction, which occurred due to diabetes.

British Endocrinology Research Center released the results of the study, which tested the effect of joint use of Viagra and testosterone in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The report notes that this combination has proved to be very good, and not only caused a persistent erection, but also increased sexual desire (“libido”). By the way, the increase in sexual desire appears due to intake of testosterone, because it is the male sex hormone. In addition, the report indicated that combined use of Viagra online pills and testosterone has no negative effect on the body and absolutely safe for man of all ages.