VGR – still be the best alternative against ED

Spider of the size of 10-12cm, which is found on the plantations of South America, could become the hope of solving problems for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The impetus for the study of the banana spider venom was the case when a man was bitten by a spider, after which the latter observed a prolonged and persistent erection how from best otc ED pills.
The researchers decided to use this feature spider venom and make it a cure for impotence.

At the moment, American experts from the University of Georgia study the poison in an attempt to identify the toxin, which is responsible for this symptom, as an erection. Scientists conducted an experiment on rats, who injected the toxin PnTx2-6. It was found that this substance normalizes erectile function of diseased animals. Because the organism in some patients not responding to existing drugs for impotence, Spider venom could be a good alternative to modern drugs. It is worth noting that in most cases, potency problems are improving, when the man starts to move more, lose weight and stop smoking.

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